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CA D66 A58 1992 (COL)
Domestic advertising of Philippine airline after the EDSA revolution
by Antolin, Elaine V
17 p. ; 28 cm.

©1992 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Dee, Francine C.; Lingat, Geraldine D.; Olila, Anamarie H.
ABSTRACT:  The Marcos government left an image of unreliability for public corporations. Since Philippine Airlines is a government controlled national flag-carrier, its Advertising Department was faced with the task of creating a positive image for the airline after the EDSA Revolution. This 25-minute annotated documentary aspires to present the Philippines Airlines domestic advertising as affected by the EDSA Revolution. In order to meet this objective, the researchers gathered all available data on Philippine Airlines advertising strategies and advertising campaign materials (print ads, television and radio commercials) since 1986. These data were supported by interviews of authorities from Philippine Airlines' advertising Department and from the Account Group of Avi Communications, Inc., the advertising agency created especially to handle Philippine Airlines advertising after the EDSA Revolution. In this study, the researchers concluded that Philippine Airlines did not only explicitly use advertising to change and enhance its image but also succeeded at it tremendously. The EDSA Revolution drove Philippine Airlines to create a new image for itself and, in so doing, glorified the renewed country as well. Based on the conclusions drawn, the researchers recommend that Philippine Airlines should continue to work on providing to the Filipinos that in choosing an airline, the service of the Flag-carrier cannot be matched.
Book ID 1000028432
Advertising campaigns
Television advertising
Radio advertising
Documentary films -- Production and direction
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