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CA E96 C43 1992 (COL)
Evolution of Radio Veritas to ZNN and RVA radio stations
by Cedeno, Ma. Cristina C
18 p. ; 28 cm.

©1992 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Jimenez, Veronica A.; Magno, Maria Cristina P.; Pudol, Angelica C.
Thesis:  (AB Communciation Arts) -- Miriam College, 1992.
ABSTRACT:  The fundamental problem of this thesis production was derived from a series of brainstorming sessions, upon which the researchers saw an information need for Communication Arts Radio Production students, of at least one radio station which played a significant role in Filipino society. Since, Veritas was an important instrument in the EDSA Revolution and its franchise, ZNN (today) seems to captivate and create quiet a stir as it goes commercial, Veritas history was an opportunity unfolding. This study will focus on the major changes involved in the evolution of Radio Veritas to ZNN and RVA radio stations. An audio-visual presentation (film production) was used to feature Veritas history. The information was gathered through library works and interview sessions. Interview sessions were conducted to facilitate the gathering of the primary data. The primary data came from people interviewed, and who had direct knowledge of the events. The participants were categorized accordingly to obtain a clear discussions on the major changes in Veritas history. One category of the respondents was the personnel (hierarchy of organizations, from the President to the key people in production), wherein five (5) interviewees participated. Another was on programming (station managers, scriptwriters, broadcasters/announcers and technicians), which included four (4) interviewees. And, facilities (station engineers) with three (3) respondents. About 10-15 interviewees participated. The secondary data were reference materials like pamphlets, news articles, books, handouts from the following agencies: Radio Veritas Asia (RVA) Research Department, Miriam College Library and ZNN-Veriats. This study is recommended for CA Radio Production students as reference for Radio Broadcasting. also, this study opens a lot of opportunities for further studies, one of which is a commercial radio station in terms of its audience profile, listenership, programming and others.
Book ID 1000028429
Documentary films -- Production and direction
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