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CA A23 B66 1992 (COL)
"A B C D E" : a production thesis
by Bonifacio, Armichelle P.
9 p. ; 28 cm.

©1992 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Howard, Caroline J.; Nonato, Belinda G.; Rivera, Ma. Cecilia M.
Thesis:  (AB Communication Arts) -- Miriam College, 1992.
ABSTRACT:  Teaching is one of the noblest professions. It participates in nation-building through the training of the youth. Despite, its limited pay a lot of students are still attracted to it especially in teaching pre-schoolers. Through this 30-minute video documentary entitled "A B C D E", the researchers attempt to visualized the history and features of the Child Development and Education Course. It tries to manifest its wonders by showing the importance of teaching, the factors that contribute to its growth, as well as, the areas of concern in the course curriculum. Various shots were taken at the Miriam college grounds and classrooms, the Miriam Child Study Center and the respective places of teaching of chosen Child Study and child Development and Education graduates, and their respective interviews. Printed materials supporting the course's history were also included in the production of this video-documentary. This material hopes to be an instrument of CDE for the Freshman Orientation of 1992 and two years to come. With this production, he researchers hope to create a full vision and understanding of CDE's promise to those who wish to teach, and to promote how it molds its students into outstanding educators. Venture into their world… and discover that the flame of teaching has never really died.
Book ID 1000028408
Nursery schools
Documentary films -- Production and direction
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