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CA F55 L46 1992 (COL)
Filipino sports and games
by Leongson, Leriza G
23 p. ; 29 cm.

©1992 Published by The Authors
Added Author:  Ramos, Ma. Regina T.
Thesis:  (AB Communication Arts) -- Miriam College, 1992.
ABSTRACT:  The Philippines - one gold less to cop the No. 1 slot in the recently-concluded XVI Southeast Asian Games-spawned a new breed of heroes: sports champions! The study centers not on the triumph of Filipino athletes but on Filipino sports and games itself, its foundation, historical background and development. The question, succinctly answered, as to whether there are truly native, indigenous "Pinoy talaga" sports and games, brings to the force the various games and sports and games, brings to the fore the various games and sports indulged in by the people from Appari to Jolo, spawning the whole length and breadth of the archipelago. Truly native, indigenous sports and games, seldom heard or hitherto known before such as "tupa". "aswang-aswang", "punnolan" - all traceable to the northern fastnesses of Luzon - to the "Kali of Bicol origin, the Muslim's Sipa sa Mangis or "kick a Ball at a Net" - these stand as mute testaments to Filipino ingenuity, skills and sports and games stamina. From extent literature, ancient artifacts, exhibits on museums and existing games in the Filipino sports and games world called from anthropology and history book or torn straight from the pages of newspapers - these native sports and games reflect the roots and stuff of which champion Filipino athletes are made of. Likewise, it is interesting to note that in tracing the etymological and/or early beginning and meaning of indigenous Filipino sports and games, their origin, proliferation and development are so found also in contagious Asian countries. If only for prosperity, this study gives invaluable insight and forestalls sports and games development on this part of the world.
Book ID 1000028405
Documentary films -- Production and direction
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