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CA T45 M47 1991 (COL)
TV drama phenomenon in the Philippines in the context of "Lovingly Yours, Helen"
by Mercado, Marly
48 p. ; 28 cm.

©1991 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Perez, Ma. Josefina; Samarista, Hazel
Thesis:  (AB Communication Arts) -- Miriam College, 1991.
ABSTRACT:  This thesis that TV drama as a phenomenon could be analyzed in the context of "Lovingly Yours, Helen" (LYH) is involved in proving the assumptions considering the form and the content, of TV drama and LYH. That the criteria contained in the phenomenal TV drama are also found in LYH. This research has the following objectives: To determine the attributes of LYH are similar to the criteria of the phenomenal TV drama in the country; To determine the feasibility of the assumptions. Kelman's Functional Theory of Social Influence which involves a three-fold process: compliance, internalization and identification was used. The theory focuses more on the communicator's characteristics as determinants of attitude change. Another is Albert Bandura's Social Learning Theory, which is focused on learning from direct exposure, observation and modeling. A criteria of deviced parameters were used to determine what factors made TV drama phenomenal, namely; manner of habit (relaxation), society's acceptance (popularity), entertainment, contains values, realistic (can relate w/ the show's lack of bias and outstanding presentation. These were used as the criteria for LYH. Three different techniques were utilized; (a) Survey Questionnaires, (b) Interview, and 9c) Content Analysis. The results were compiled in a production. A pre-test of the questionnaire was conducted with 20 respondents. The actual survey had 200 respondents, with 40 respondents assigned to each stratum. The basis for classification in the different economic class was the combined family income per month. Respondents must be at least 12 years old, and reside anywhere within GMA. Interviews were conducted with professionals in the filed. The content analysis was centered on the 20 chosen episodes of LYH drawn from lots with months of the year and week episode. The 9 devised parameters were used to measure each episodes by their definition. The variables in the study were limited to the phenomenal status of TV drama in the Philippines and one specific local TV drama was used for the purposes of content analysis. The devised parameters of TV drama was formulated from observation of the factors that made TV drama phenomenal in the Philippines. Findings show that the respondents rated LYH as fulfilling the parameters of a phenomenal Tv drama. However, the content analysis indicated that only 6 out of the sampled episodes fulfilled all the parameters. Thus, it was established that LYN was rated phenomenal by respondents because of the show's popularity in society. Although an in depth examination of its status revealed that it is not phenomenal in content The findings also revealed that a phenomenal TV drama should fulfill all the parameters in all episodes. Nevertheless, the phenomenal image of LYH showed that respondents agreed that consulting with LYH is as good as seeking professional help. In fact, the effective advices given and the counseling in the show were considered highly for sending a story to the show. Therein, establishing that LYH already projects an image of a phenomenal TV drama, the researchers recommend that Hyper-Visions should actualize the parameters in all its episodes. The study also showed that an in-depth study on the 3-fold process of Social Influence by Kelman be undertaken. The findings indicated before he could comply and eventually identify with a particular group in society. Generally, professionals believe that a drama show could be phenomenal in the country by maintaining and actualizing the following parameters in the program. Media-wise, it should have beauty or star quality, entertainment, good ratings, staying power, advertisers and high quality presentation or production. On the other hand, the generally accepted norms of a phenomenal TV drama are tested format, it should grow with its viewers, constant upgrading of the program, the substantial learnings and consistency and continuance of the show's overnight success. Therefore, a show which attained instant, tremendous success inspite of defying accepted norms and has actualized the parameters in each episode is considered phenomenal. However, LYH was not able to fulfill al these in its content
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