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DVD QD 11 C56 2016 (HEU)
QD Chemistry


Chemistry a volatile history : the power of the elements
Main Title: Chemistry a volatile history: the power of the elements [videorecording] / British Broadcasting Company (BBC)

Genre/Form: History

Credits: Heinrich Diesbach produces the first synthetic paint ; Justus von Liebig and Friedrich Wohler encounter isomerism ; Smithson Tennan discovers what diamonds are made of ; Archibald Scott Couper formulates the theory of chemical bonds ; Friedrich Kekule formulates the same theory of chemical bonds ; Wallace Carothers invents nylon ; Thomas Midgley Junior prevents engines from knocking ; Henry Becquerel discovers radioactivity ; Marie Curie investigates radioactivity ; Ernest Rutherford explains radioactivity ; Enrico Fermi claims to have made elements heavier than Uranium ; Otto Hahn disproves Fermi's claims ; Lise Meitner explains Fermi's work ; Edwin McMillian and Phillip Ableson create the first synthetic element ; GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research
Videorecording DVD 58 mins.
1 videodisc ( approx. 58 mins.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.
©2016, , British Broadcasting Company (BBC) ,
Distributed by Aquarian
AV Material ID 1000015041
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