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DVD 070.1 H83 2007 (HS)


How safe are we?
Narrated by Brad Pitt
Produced by WGBH Video (Boston, Mass.)
Contents (from container) Six one hour episodes that recount the discovery of diseases and reveal the future of global health: Episode 1: Disease warriors. Chronicles the groundbreaking work of early scientists that unmasked germs as the source of illness and developed the firast vaccines. Episode 2: Rise of superbugs. Chronicles the successes of medicines that counter germs as well as the growing threat posed by superbugs - strains of germs that are resistant to our best antibiotics. Episode 3: Delivering the goods. Chronicles health programs and charismatic leaders who "deliver the goods" to millions of individuals --- and are inspiring a new vision for the future of global health. Episode 4: Deadly Messengers. Recounts the stories of the heroes scientists and health workers who battled against the mosquito, and examines current efforts to control mosquito and vector-borne diseases. Episode 5: Back to basics. Explores the vital connection between health and essential requirements that people in developed countries take for granted. Also examines how America's overabundance of nutrition is causing a host of health concerns which are beginning to spread to the rest of the world. Episode 6: How safe are we? Examines critical, emerging threats and the pressing need to strengthen public health systems and leadership worldwide
Series RX for survival a global health challenge series
Note Cinefilipino trademark
Videorecording DVD
2 digital video discs : digital, col., 4 in.
©2007,  2007, Unico Entertainment , Phils.
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AV Material ID 1000011456
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