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ACR M 1804 C54 (COL)


Chinese music
Main Title: Chinese music [sound recording]

Published/Created: China : [s.n.], [1980]

Description: 1 sound cassette of 1 (ca. 60 min.) : stereo ; 3 7/8 x 2 in

Chairman mao's warm concern will live forever in our hearts -- The Tu people love the Tung tung kuei -- The golden frontier my home -- Army and people inseparable as fish and water -- The Pla is ever dearer to us fishermen -- Shaoshan's red sun light up the mountains -- The radio - waves, link us with Peking -- Our great mother land -- I love our country's Hsisha islands -- Following chairman mao - well say forever on the long march road -- The Tsunyi meeting hall - battleship of revolution -- The Tsunyi meeting echoes like spring thunder -- A song for Tsunyi -- A red army well -- Ode to the chingkang mountains -- Learn from the chingkang Tea! -- Drink a cup of chingkang tea! -- Timeng Mountain Melody -- Generation after generation will shoulder the red army men's carrying poles -- The east is red -- The October wind from the north -- Song of the Anyuan railway and mine worker's club -- Peasants and soldiers unite! -- Worker's peasants and soldiers unite! -- The martyr's song -- Sandals for the red army - Chingkangshan -- Three main rules of discipline and eight points for attention

Subject: Music -- China.

Volume ID Number: 1106100949

Local Call No: ACR M 1804 C54
Sound recording audio cassette tape 60 min.
1 sound cassette of 1 (ca. 60 min.) : stereo ; 3 7/8 x 2 1/2 in.
©1980,  1980, [s. n.] , China
Distributed by [none]
AV Material ID 1000007446
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Higher Education Unit
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