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ACD 534 On58na (GS)


101 Digital Sound Effects : Sounds of Nature
Content : 1. Many Birds Chirping- Crickets or June Bugs- Forest Atmosphere 2. Several Birds Chirping (Residential Atmosphere) 3. Several Birds Chirping (A Rural or Country Atmosphere) 4. Rural or Country Atmosphere at Night 5. Birds Chirping and Singing- Waterfall in Background- Forest Atmosphere 6. Many Birds Chirping and Singing- Forest Atmosphere 7. Many Birds Chirping and Singing- Very Quiet Atmosphere 8. Whippoorwill Singing- Crickets in Background 9. Crow Cawing- Other Birds in Faint Distance 10. Bird Wings Flapping 11. Outdoor Atmosphere 12. Cat Meowing 13. Cat Purring 14. Kittens Meowing 15. Dog Barking 16. Dog Whining 17. Puppy Whining 18. Farm Ambiance- Roosters- Cows- Birds in Background 19. Rooster Crowing (Country Ambiance) 20. Horse Whinny 21. Horse Snort 22. Horse Galloping 23. Donkeys Braying (Farm Ambiance) 24. Sheep and Lambs Baaing (Barn Atmosphere) 25. Herd of Sheep 26. Goat 27. Peacock 28. Chicken Clucking 29. Baby Chicks Crying and Flapping About- Hens and Roosters in Background 30. Baby Chicks in Henhouse 31. Several Ducks Quacking and Splashing 32. Ducks and Geese Quacking and Splashing 33. Flock of Ducks- Wings Flapping on Water 34. Swans Calling- Running Water in Background 35. Owl Hooting 36. Woodpecker Pecking a Tree- Other Birds in Distance 37. Chipmunk (Country Atmosphere) 38. Squirrel Chatter 39. Prairie Dog Barking (Country Atmosphere) 40. Coyote Howling 41. Wolf Howling- Other Wolves in Distance 42. Pack of Wolves Howling in Distance 43. Tree Falling in Forest 44. South American Rain Forest- Waterfall in Background 45. Asian Tropical Rain Forest 46. Jungle Atmosphere- Birds Screeching- Moving Water 47. Animal Moving Through Jungle Brush- Animal Chatter and Screeching 48. Lion Roar 49. Wildcat Snarling 50. Wildcat Hiss 51. Bear Growling 52. Several Bears Growling 53. Gorilla 54. Elephant Trumpeting, Birds in Background 55. Moose Grunting 56. Camel Grunting- Waterfall and Birds in Background 57. Rattle Snake Sounding Its Rattles 58. One Cricket Chirping 59. Many Crickets/Frogs (Sounds Around Pond) 60. Many Crickets- Traffic in Background 61. Frogs Croaking 62. Frogs, Birds, Other Swamp Sounds 63. Swarm of Locusts 64. Mosquito 65. Fly Buzzing 66. Alligator Roar 67. Fishing on a Quiet Lake 68. Fish Splashing on Top of Water 69. Small Eddy 70. Babbling Brook 71. Mountain Spring 72. Running Stream 73. Small Waterfall 74. Large Waterfall 75. Underground Waterfall 76. White Water Rapids 77. Harbor Atmosphere on a Windy Day 78. Beach Atmosphere- Children Playing- People Talking 79. Ocean Shoreline 80. Waves Crashing 81. Sea Cave 82. Water Lapping Against Shore 83. Underwater Atmosphere 84. Deep Underwater Atmosphere 85. Sea Gulls (Dock Atmosphere) 86. Sea Gulls (Shoreline Atmosphere) 87. Sea Gulls- Waves Breaking 88. Seals and Sea Lions Barking 89. Winds Blowing Near the Ocean 90. Gale Force Winds 91. Strong Winds 92. Rain 93. Rain on a Pond 94. Thunder and Rain 95. Thunder 96. Small Crackling Fire 97. Large Raging Fire 98. Raging Fire With Howling Wind 99. Earthquake 100. Volcano 101. Lava Bu
1994 Edition
Sound recording CD 1 hr
1 sound disc : 4 3/4 in diameter
©1994,  1994, Delta Music , USA
Distributed by Laserlight Digital
AV Material ID 1000006186
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Grade School
general collection
Grade School
general collection
Grade School
general collection
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