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ACR 784.2 Or73 (GS)
DDC784 Instruments & Instrumental Ensembles


Philadelphia orchestra pops
by Ormandy, eugene
Content : @@Gliere : The Red Puppy - Russian Sailor's Dance Fernandez : Malazarte - Batuque Smetana : The Bartered Bridge - Dance of the Comedian Dvorack : Slavonic Dance No. 10 in E Minor , OP72 No. 2 Brahms : Hungarian Dance No. 5 in F Sharp Minor Johann Strauss : Wine oman In Song - Waltz THE PARK AVENUE HILLBILLE SINGS Dorthy Shay : Feudin' in Fightin' ( Dubin - Lane ) Say The Were Sweet - Hearts Again ( Brent ) Mountain Gal ( Marks - Kopell ) Efficiency ( H. Smith - Shay ) Flat River ( Missourri Channon ) I've BeenTo Hollywood ( Merrill ) Uncle Fud ( Jones Shay ) I'm Inlove with the Married Man ( Graham )
Sound recording Audio Cassette
1 sound cassette ; analog , mono.
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