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ACR 784 H19 1953 (HS)
DDC784 Instruments & Instrumental Ensembles


Hanunoo music
Contents Side A : 1. Kalipay-- 2. Urukay-- 3. Lantuy Solo-- Lullaby (Iyaya)-- 4. Yells (Pagrit)-- 5. Boys guitar (Kudyapi)-- 6. Gong beating and tapping-- 7. Gong beating and tapping (Dinalumat)-- 8. Stamp dancing (taruk)-- 9. Ritual chanting (ngayug). Side B : 1. Flute (Lantuy)-- 2. Flute duet-- 3. Musical sticks (Kalutang)-- 4. Bamboo Jews-harp (Kinaban)-- 5. Trail calls (Uwi)-- 6. Courting sequence-- 7. Calls to attarct animals--8. Bamboo bazzers (Batiwtiw)-- 9. Bamboo zithers-- 10. Flute and Fiddle duet-- 11. Fiddle (Gitgit)-- Amba-han chanting
Notes: Felta Book Sales Inc. c 1953 Q.C
Sound recording ACR 60 min/ tape
1 sound cassette; 60 x 10 cm.
©1953,  1953, Felta Book Sales, New York
Distributed by Folkways
AV Material ID 1000001862
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High School
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