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VHS 1070 REF (COL)


Assistant editor Maureen Fahey
Associate Producer Karan Sheldon
Cameras Donato Bottiglione, John Gordon, Jean-Claude Larrieu, Chris Morphct, Gerry Pinches and Dick Wiliams
Executive Producer Richard Ellison
Film Editor Eric W. Handley
Film Research Raye Farr, Kay Matschullat, Bardely Borum and Janet Hayman
Narrator(s) Will Lyman
Production Assistant Jacques Weissgerber
Summary: Vietnam (1 hr. & 56 mins.): This documentary film shows the history of Vietnam from past and present
Assistant Sound Editor Joy Manesiotis
Sound Mixer Frank Cunningham
Sound Recordist Allan Byer, Georges Jeannet, Michal Penland, Laurent Poirer, Paul Robinson, Michael Negrponte, Ian Owles and Julian White
1998 Edition
videorecording VHS 1 hr. & 50 mins.
1 video cassette: sd.; col.; 4x7 1/2 in.
©1998, , [none] ,
Distributed by [none]
AV Material ID 1000001457
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Higher Education Unit
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