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VHS 849 (COL)


Core Course Week Activities 1997
Contents: Sen. Raul Roco (1 hr. 7 4 mins.)/ Sen. Macapagal Arroyo (1 hr. & 5 mins.)
Summary: Sen. Raul Roco in his speech, gave his vision for the country if ever he would be elected as the next president of the Philippines. He cited three important forces of training that he will implement the advent of knowledge, woman power and the idealism of the youth. For educational system, he stressed that he will implement the Study Now Pay Later program of then Sen. B. Aquino that will benifit more than 10,000 youth. Also, a law for an Open University which will provide an access to knowledge and information in the farther places and will be available even for the poor. Sen. Roco explains that his plan will enable the nation to be kown as the Educated Country. On the other hand, Sen. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo -said that she wil provide a meaningful actions and effective program that will equip the youth with knowledge, skills and orientation to prepare them in facing the challenges of the 21st century. These will create global consciousness and awareness, relevant skills and education. Sen. Arroyo also gave her Key Areas for change if ever sh would be elected in the 1998 naional election. These include extending access to information technology integrating economic globalization and sustainable development, defining and educating global moral values. Both Presidentiables also encouraged the youth, particularly the MC students to participate in the socio-political affairs of the government.
1997 Edition
videorecording VHS 2 hrs. & 10 mins.
1 video cassette: sd.; col.; 4x7 1/2 in.
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