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VHS DS 799.24 T35 (COL)


Summary: Welcome to La Ilha Formosa, the Beautiful Island of Taiwan Captivating Capital City: Explore the bustling boulevards of Tapie, from the awe-inpiring memorial of Chaing Kai-Shek to the thrilling spectable of a Chinese opera. Marcel at the treasures of the National Palace Museum or discover your own treasures at the Night Market. Legends and Lakes: Excursions into central lead to the romantic Sun Moon Lake, a favorite gathering spot of many Taiwanese. Visit the exotic temples which dot the area where beleivers offer gifts to the spirits and burn hell money for departed friends and family. Tribes and Traditions: Travel south to the mountain regions where Taiwan's tibes continue centuries of traditions. Study the careful cultivations and preparation of Chinese tea, a true art form. Buddhas and Beaches: Gaze upon the majestic "Light of Buddha" mountain near Kaosiung. Relax on Orchid Island, a pristine paradise undisturbed by the western world.
1994/1995 Edition
videorecording VHS 23 mins.
1 video cassette: sd.; col.; 4x7 1/2 in.
©1994, , Travelview International , Texas
Distributed by Travelview International
AV Material ID 1000001217
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Higher Education Unit
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