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VHS PZ 7 G32 P6 (COL)


Fievel's American Tails : The lost mother lode. ; That's what friends are for. /Pocahontas
Related Name: Laurence Zelig Jacobs, direction--Fievel's American Tails.
Related Name: Gabriel, Mike, direction--Pocahontas.
Related Name: Goldberg, Eric, direction.--Pocahontas.
Related Name: Binder, Carl, writing--Pocahontas.
Related Name: Grant, Susannah, writing--Pocahontas.
Related Name: LaZebnik, Philip, writing--Pocahontas.
Related Name: Bedard, Irene, voice--Pocahontas.
Related Name: Kuhn, Judy, voice--Pocahontas.
Related Name: Gibson, Mel, voice--Pocahontas.
Related Name: Stiers, David Ogden, voice--Pocahontas.
Related Name: Walt Disney Pictures--Pocahontas.
Summary: Pocahontas--In 1607, a group of British adventurers, including John Smith, led by the greedy Virginia Company governor Ratcliffe, set sail for the New World, seeking gold and other treasures. In Virginia, Pocahontas, Chief Powhatan's daughter, ponders her life as she is faced with marriage to the stern warrior, Kocoum. The British establish the settlement of Jamestown, Virginia and dig up the countryside for gold. Smith meets Pocahontas and they overcome their initial conflicts. She teaches him about her world. Relations between the British and the Indians deteriorate. Powhatan captures Smith and is about to execute him, but Pocahontas intervenes and Powhatan sets him free. When Ratcliffe tries to kill Powhatan, Smith saves him but is seriously wounded. He must return to England and Pocahontas must stay
Summary: Fievel's american tails--Chronicles the adventures of a young mouse and his family as they strive to make their home in the land of opportunity after immigrating from Europe. The setting is the American West of the late 19th century
Cast: Pocahontas--Voices: Irene Bedard (Pocahontas), Mel Gibson (John Smith), David Ogden Stiers (Governor Ratcliffe, Wiggins), John Kassir (Meeko), Russell Means (Powhatan), Christian Bale (Thomas).Singers: Judy Kuhn (Pocahontas), Vanessa Williams, Jon Secada, Shanice
Credits: Pocahontas--Music by Alan Menken ; lyrics by Stephen Schwartz ; original score by Alan Menken ; art director, Michael Giaimo ; editor, H. Lee Peterson ; artistic supervisors: layout, Rasoul Azadani, background, Cristy Maltese, story, Tom Sito, cleanup, Renee Holt-Bird and Nancy Kniep, visual effects, Don Paul, computer graphics imagery, Steve Goldberg ; based on an idea by Mike Gabriel
Genre/Form: Historical re-creations.
Genre/Form: Animation.
Genre/Form: Children's films and programs.
Genre/Form: Features.
Genre/Form: Musicals.
Genre/Form: Comedy--Animation.--Television series.
1995 Edition
videorecording VHS 81 mins.
1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (ca. 81 min.) : sd., col. : 1/2 in.
©1995,  1995, Universal Cartoon Studios , United States
Distributed by Walt Disney Production
AV Material ID 1000000817
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Higher Education Unit
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