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VHS UA 26 P6 N67 (COL)
International Studies


Goodbye America
Related Name: Notz, Thierry, direction.
Related Name: Newton, John Haymes, cast.
Related Name: Nemec, Corin, cast.
Related Name: Arquette, Alexis, cast.
Related Name: Medved, Nanette, cast.
Related Name: Aquino, Angel, cast.
Related Name: Concepcion, Alma, cast.
Summary: It is November 1992 and the US Navy is preparing to surrender its largest overseas facility at Subic Bay, Philippines, after almost a century. For both countries, and for the navy, it is a time of change. With manpower low US Navy SEALS are helping protect the base, including William Hawk (John Haymes Newton), John Stryzack (Corin Nemec) and Paul Bladon (Alexis Arquette) headed by Commander Hamilton (Wolfgang Bodison). Olongapo City, beside the base faces an uncertain future. Lisa Velasquez (Nanette Medved) is part of the local Mayor's team that wants to turn the base into a new city. Emma Salazar (Alma Concepcion), a one-time bar-girl now engaged to marry Bladon, sees her own future under threat with the impending arrival of Bladon's senator father, (Mike York) and Bladon's American girlfriend, Angela (Maureen Flannigan). For Hawk, the quiet, thoughtful professional on his last tour it is a time of decision and he finds himself in conflict with the prickly Lisa. Lisa herself is facing the abandonment of her mother, Anna (Daria Ramirez) by her American stepfather, Ed Johnson (James Brolin). Emma's innocent sister, Maria (Angel Aquino) arrives unexpectedly planning to find herself an American boyfriend, to Lisa's dismay. A tragic incident during a beach party leads to an investigation by Special Agent Danzig (Rae Dawn Chong) of the Naval Investigative Service and her opposite number, Jess Santiago (Raymond Bagatsing). Meanwhile, Stryzack is brooding over what he believes is a betrayal of America. Under arrest, he escapes from prison, sworn to assassinate the symbol of America's betrayal, Senator James Bladon.
Cast: Corin Nemec, John Haymes Newton, Alexis Arquette, Rae Dawn Chong, Nanette Medved, Alma Concepcion, James Brolin, Angel Aquino, Michael York.
1997 Edition
videorecording VHS 98 mins.
3 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (ca. 98 min.) : sd., col. : 1/2 in.
©1997,  1997, Star Cinema Productions, Inc. , Manila
Distributed by Star Cinema Productions
AV Material ID 1000000627
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Higher Education Unit
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Higher Education Unit
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Higher Education Unit
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