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VHS LB 1775 L35 (COL)
Child Development Education



Main Title: Mila [videorecording] / Star CInema Productions, Inc. presnests a JOel Lamangan film ; produced by Elma Medua ; screenplay by Ricardo Lee.

Published/Created: Quezon City : Star Cinema Productions, Inc., 2001.

Description: 1 videocassette of 1 (ca. 140 min.) : sd., ocl. ; 1/2 in

Summary: Mila is quite an extraordinary teacher. She is witty, animated nd she expressed genuine for her students welfare . She gets along with everybody for she in insightful and is a good listener. When it comes to issues, Mila has alaways been he most impartial among all the colleagues. That's why when words about an impending strike against the government come around, she remained a reluctant supporter. There is only one thing that Mila is admittedly a sucker for and that is the love of a man. When the proest movement blew up, Mila's enthusiastic particitpation was fueled by her newly found love, Primo. But when coldness seeped in her affair with Primo and as her students distanced themselves, her coffer caved in. Mila began to drift into a plane of uncertainly. She found herself in Ermita, in the company of people who were reckoned to be drugs of society. They became her family, her new reason for living. Although they didn'y know about her profession, they willing accepted the knowledge she imparted. She had her own makeshift classroom for the street childreen and for all those who hunger for learning. NOt only did she teach academic, she saved a little girl from lllosing her innocence; she mad a delinquet boy understand the love of his father, she saved somhow brought sanity back to a war shocked vagrant and she offered worth and new hope to women who sold their bodies for money. Soon. her co-teacher found her in Ermita. Mila accompanied them and visited her friends, who are still at the strike, fighting to their rights. It could not be avoided that some gave Mila the cold shoulder. In a way, she left them in their plight. But what others do not understand is that Mila had existential reasons for leving. And despite her absence, she became the source of strength of most of the teacher, for them to introspective look at themselves and be truthful to what they want in life and stan up for it. Her vocation was redefined to being a protector and nurture of children and those who are famished for knowledge and understanding. Thriugh the live she has touched and which have mutually filled her emptiness, Mila's calling became clearer. She proudlly reorganized that she is a teacher. Even after the lights have gone out in Ermita. Mila's flame continued to flicked. She will forever remembered

Cast: Maricel Soriano, Piolo Pascual, Kaye Abad, Angelica Pangalinan, Cherrie Pei Picache, Princess Punzalan, Caridad Sanchez, Serena Dairymple, JIro Manio.

Credits: Original music by Jessie Lasaten ; photography by Nonino Duque ; film editing by Tara Illenberger.

Subject: Teachers -- Philippines.

Volume ID Number: 110600358
Volume ID Number: 110600296
Volume ID Number: 110600296

LC Classification: VHS LB 1775 L35
videorecording VHS 156 min.
1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (ca. 156 min): sd., col. ; 1 in.
©2001,  2001, Star Cinema , Philippines
Distributed by Interactive
AV Material ID 1000000421
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Higher Education Unit
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Higher Education Unit
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Higher Education Unit
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