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VHS 073 (COL)


The Phantom of the opera
Related Name: Little, Dwight H., direction.
Related Name: Leroux, Gaston, writing--Novel, cast.
Related Name: Sandefur, Duke, writing.
Related Name: Englund, Robert, cast.
Summary: In this gory remake of Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera, Robert Englund isn't playing the roles that Lon Chaney played in the original 1925 version nor Claude Rains in the 1943 version, Englund plays a much darker role of the phantom with a little of his previous role as Freddy Kruger too. Taking place in present day New York City 1990, Christine (Jill Scholen) is a young opera star who comes across an old music sheet. The music is published by a man named Eric Destler. Christine decides to sing the music in the theater. During resersal, Christine is hit by a falling sandbag on stage and her imagination is taking her back to 1881 London where she is the star of the opera. She finds that there is a phantom living under the opera house, hiding himself from people he has skinned and hiding his face off of body parts. The phantom is Eric Destler who sold his soul to the devil to have his music be conquered forever, and Eric will do anything to have Christine be the star of the opera and have her sing music for him forever. Instead of cutting down a chandiler (this is the first version not to show it) Eric kills people violently, cutting their heads off, bashing one's head and skinning people. Christine's boyfriend, Richard (Alex Hyde White) manages to defeat Eric, but Christine awakes into present day New York again realizing it was just a dream, but this time Eric has followed her and the dream is actually real
Cast: Jill Schoelen, Alex Hyde-White, Bill Nighy, Terence Harvey, Stephanie Lawrence
Credits: Produced, Menahem Golan, Harry Alan Towers ; original music, Misha Segal ; cinematography, Elemér Ragályi ; film editing, Charles Bornstein.
Genre/Form: Drama.
Genre/Form: Horror.
1989 Edition
videorecording VHS 93 mins.
1 video cassette : sd., col. ; 4 x 7 1/2 in.
©1989,  1989, 21st Century Fox , United States
Distributed by [none]
AV Material ID 1000000067
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Higher Education Unit
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